2023 End of Season Review

First I would like to say thank you for sticking with me and the team. We’ve had a tricky couple of seasons with moving to Lambourn and then moving again. I’m so lucky that I have been supported so strongly by my owners but also by all the people that have come with me to Lambourn. Once again this year the horses that have got us through have been the two-year-olds, Nellie Leylax in particular has been exceptional for a 20,000 Euro horse that’s won £60,000 in prize money. We even had a triple hurdle winner along the way!

I see 2024 as being the first season in the last couple where we are settled and being free to get on with the horses through the Winter months. The yearlings that I have now are more forward than our two-year-olds of this year were in March. Next year we are going to smash it.